HealthWatch Leicester

Healthwatch Leicester is the independent consumer champion created to gather and represent the views of the public. Healthwatch Leicester will play a role at both national and local level and make sure that the views of the public and people who use services are taken into account.

Healthwatch Leicester is here to help you get the best out of your local health services.

They want you to tell them about your experiences of Health Care services within Leicester City and together they can create a better health care system that meets the needs of residents and communities.

They will ensure service providers know about your experiences of Health Care and hold them to account.

They are independent, open, accountable and powerful with the strength of the law and Healthwatch England behind them.

They are one of 152 Healthwatches and together form the Healthwatch England network, working closely to ensure consumers’ views are represented both locally and nationally.

This is the first time a national champion has been set up with independent statutory powers to act on behalf of both adults and children.

What Do They Do?

Healthwatch Leicester:

  • is out in the community talking and listening to people from every part of Leicester, in particular those who are vulnerable or often unheard
  • provides the Healthwatch Helpline, a signposting service that provides information about the care choices available to you
  • tells service providers about your experiences of care and hold them to account
  • represents the views of people who use services, carers and the public on the Health and Wellbeing boards set up by local authorities
  • provides a complaints advocacy service to support people who make a complaint about services
  • reports concerns about the quality of health care to Healthwatch England, which can then recommend that the Care Quality Commission take action.

How They Work

Every voice counts when it comes to shaping the future of health care, and when it comes to improving it for today. Everything that local Healthwatch does will bring the voice and influence of local people to the development and delivery of local services.

People need to feel that their local Healthwatch belongs to and reflects them and their local community. It needs to feel approachable, practical and dynamic and to act on behalf of local people.

  • They’re helping you to shape and improve the services you use.
  • They’re engaging with people in your community.
  • They’re an open organisation and want to make it easy for you to talk to them.
  • They’re inclusive and want people from every part of your community to join them.
  • Ask them what they’re doing and they’ll always tell you what’s happening.
  • You can hold them to account.
  • They’re here to help services to improve.
  • They’ll notice the bad things they do, and the good.
  • They use your evidence to build a true picture of your local services.


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